Seasonal Competition:
January to May & August to December

Summer Training & Team Tryout

Competition: There are various local shows that take place throughout Southeast Coast Regional that we participate in on the weekends. During the boxing season a boxer will participate in advancement tournaments.This includes state, regionals, & national championships. Boxer will be selected base on skill level and attendance. 

Competitive Division:
Ages: 8-16 Junior Olympic, 17-34 Seniors & 35 & over Master

Olympic Style Boxing: We have Olympic style boxing training which entails a blend of offensive and defensive skills used in the art of self defense. A boxer use speed, maneuverability and technique to outscore the opponent & win the decision.

Competition: Youth 8-16 Monday Thru Friday,(Time will be set by Coach) & Adults 17-34  Monday Thru Friday ( Time set  by Coach)

Non Competition: Monday Thru Friday 8:30,10p, 12n, 4p & 6p, Sat 10a

Registration: are accepted daily. $73 Application Fee. Two (2) wallet size photographs, Birth Verification, Baptismal, passport or hospital records.
(This is for Competition)

Proper Attire: Hand-wraps, Mouthpiece, Bag Gloves, , Boxer Shoes, Sweat

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