The Friends of Boxing, Inc.affiliated of the Port City Boxing & Fitness is a non profit charitable organzation associated
 with the NC & USA Boxing Association.
Olympic Style Boxing 

1. Amateur Boxing

2. Professional Boxing

3. Non-Competition

4. One-on-One Training

5. Group Training

6. Boxing for Fitness & Fun
Coachability:A boxer must have the mental discipline to take the instruction that he/she recieves and incorporate it into their boxing style. Otherwise, they will never improve.
Conditioning:It is impossible to learn if a boxer is too tired to concentrate on new techniques. Amateur bouts are won and lost due to conditioning. 
Concentration:If a boxer has the ability to block out everything and concentrate on the task at hand, he/she will improve.
We move to new bigger building on 13th Castle St. / 1302 Castle Street Wilminton, NC 28403
Mission Statement:To pursue excellence by encouraging co-ed sportsmanship, camaraderie, educational opportunities & healthy living.
Vision:To build self-esteem, teach self-discipline & enhance physical condition. To offer an environment for intervention & prevention, while creating an environment that appreciates diverse and social cultures.
Purpose:To provide youth, adults, & physical challenge adults an affordable training facility.
5 Weeks & 16 Weeks Basic Beginners Workout!
Workout Days: Monday - Friday & Saturday & Sunday
Workout Times: 8:30, 10:0am, 12n, 4pm, & 6pm
Must call/text 910-622-5382 or email:
Workout Everyday at Anytime!
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​       16 Weeks Basic 
        Boxer Workout. 

​            One-on One
3 Session with 1 Free Session

12 Session with 4 Free Session

16 Session with 4 Free Session
Call for more details at 910-622-5382

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