Specifically, this organzation is to provide a gymnasium and physical fitness facility for underpriviedge children in the inner city, to foster awareness among low income citizens of physical  fitness, health and wellness issues, and to develop the character of the individual it serves in order to promote a high standard of spiritual, mental social and physical training in the community. 
Our History
 The Port City Boxing /Friends of Boxing, Inc.  has provided  one of the best boxing programs in the USA since its inception in 1974. The women's boxing program was added in 1993. Within the last few years the women's division has dominated several US amateur national championships. The Port City Boxing & Fitness/Friends of Boxing, Inc. is fully sanctioned by the NC & USA Amateur Boxing National Organzation. 
Our Purpose
We maintain pride and joy in our USA Amateur Olympic Boxing Club. It is our goal to continue to pursue excellence by encourage coed sportsmanships, camaraderie and education opportunities. The goal of the program including increasing ones self esteem, physical condition, developing basic boxing skills, and building self-discipline. Boxing also offers an environment for laugher and joy. It provides social, ethnic and racial interaction as well as teamwork and leaderships.* Competitive Boxing, *Complete Boxing, *Non-competitive Boxing for those who wish to learn basic boxing techniques without being on the team.
Our Program
We have a very consistent workout regimen, as well as practice schedule. During the regular season, practice will last approx. 2 hrs. Training time can increase depending upon the upcoming tournament. The Port City Boxing & Fitness/Friends of Boxing, Inc. requires athletes to have a postive and foward state of mind when you enter the program. Once you enter the door training begins.
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