Through Friends of Boxing, Inc, our organization provides a gymnasium and physical fitness facility for underprivileged urban youth. We foster awareness of physical fitness, health and wellness issues, and personal discipline. All programs promote a high standard of mental, social, and physical conditioning throughout the community. 
Programs & Pricing

Port City Boxing (PCB) features Olympic-style boxing training, which is a blend of offensive and defensive skills used in this art of self-defense. A boxer develops speed, maneuverability and technique to outscore the opponent and box their best. PCB requires athletes to maintain a positive and focused state of mind throughout the program. 

When you enter the door...the training begins.

 Classes are for all fitness levels (beginner to advanced).  Our group training classes speak to   fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life and level of sport.  Learn basic boxing skills and challenge yourself for a 120 minute workout, with the most diverse teammates in town. 

All ages, all levels, all walks of life: 
We hone skills together. 

     Ages 5-16: $160.00 first 5 weeks:
 $50 monthly following initial 5 weeks 
**includes pair of hand wraps

       Ages 17-UP: $160.00 first 5 weeks/ 
$65 monthly following initial 5 weeks 
**includes pair of hand wraps

Year Membership: $700 
(Substantial savings if paid in advance)

Amateur Competition Boxing
 During the boxing season, a competitive-track boxer will participate in local weekend shows, as well as advancement tournaments throughout the Southeast. These may include state, regionals, and national championships. Boxers will be selected based on skill level and attendance. 

Divisions: Ages 8-16, Junior Olympic; 
Ages 17-34, Seniors; Ages 35 & over, Master

Training Registration 
$73 Application Fee; two (2) wallet size photographs; Birth Verification, Baptismal, passport or hospital records.

One-on-one packages of 5, 10, 15, 20: 
Ask Coach Andre for details. 

***Proper Attire for Sparring/Competition: hand-wraps, mouthpiece, boxing gloves, boxing shoes, headgear

Professional Boxing 
​ Monthly: $120

 One-on-One Training: $80 for 120 minutes; 
      *buy three, get one free for $120.00

 12 sessions, get four free: $480.00 (best value)

 16 sessions, get four free: $640

 One-day service: $80.00 (120 minutes)

 Sparring: $80.00

Come try your first session for FREE. 
Reservations are required!

Contact Coach Andre