Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance: Any boxer who become a member of NC & USA Amateur Boxing will be cover under NC & USA Boxing Insurance. Any boxer entering a sanction boxing competition must carry a one thousand($1000) maximal medical insurance coverage. This insurance coverage is a condition for participation and is automatically provided upon registration. The insurance premium is included as part of the NC & USA Boxing registration fee.

Participant accident insurance: Covers injuries that occur during supervised practices and NC & USA sanctioned events; the coverage is for sudden unforeseeable external events which causes  injury during boxing activities and need immediate medical attention. Injuries and /or illnesses that occur at other times are not covered.

What does Secondary means? USA Boxing's sports accident insurance policy is secondary coverage. This mean the coverage is only in place if the member does not have a personal insurance policy. If the member is covered by insurance of a parent/guardian, spouse or employer. USA Boxing's  insurance policy is not in effect. The personal insurance is the primary  coverage. If the policy does not cover entire amount, the member can file a claim for the balance under USA Boxing insurance coverage. If the member  does not have any other insurance polices, then the claim can be filed with USA Boxing Insurance carrier.

Who is covered: Registered USA Boxing athlete and non-athlete members are covered by USA Boxing insurance from the date of registration through December 31. To ensure continuous coverage for the upcoming year, members should renew their annual membership by December 31.