Port City Boxing and Fitness offers 
an affordable training facility for all ages, 
all levels, all walks of life.

"Three C's of PCB"

  • Coachability: A boxer must have the mental discipline to absorb instruction, then apply new skills and attitudes towards developing their own style. 
  • Conditioning: Amateur bouts are won and lost due to conditioning. Improper diet and insufficient rest leads to both physical and mental fatigue--at Port City Boxing and Fitness, participants adopt a healthy  lifestyle that boosts energy and focus. Through Team PCB, trainees develop optimal conditioning for life, both in and out of the ring. 
  • Concentration: With energy and concentration in sync, a boxer will find their groove. When fully focused on their training, all level of boxer will improve.   

Our History

Since 1974, Port City Boxing and Fitness/Friends of Boxing, Inc. has    provided one of the top boxing programs in the USA. In 1993, we added  our  female boxing program—this competitive female team has  dominated   several US amateur national championships.

Our Purpose

Fully sanctioned by the NC and USA Amateur Boxing Association, Port  City Boxing and Fitness/Friends of Boxing, LLC takes pride in being a USA   Amateur  Olympic Boxing Club. Through teaching the basics of boxing, we   aim to boost   self-esteem, enhance physical conditioning, and build self-  discipline. PCB   promotes excellence through coed sportsmanship, camaraderie, educational  opportunities, and healthy living. 

 Boxing also offers an environment for laugher and joy. Our training   regimen allows for diverse cultural interaction as we build teamwork   and leadership skills.

Our Tactics

 From boxing conditioning for fitness enthusiasts to our competitive   boxing   program, PCB has a very consistent workout regimen and   practice schedule.   During the regular season, practice will last approx. t   two hours. Ranging from   cardio, strength-training, partner drills, heavy   bag circuit, and basic fitness   exercises, our training and conditioning   programs cater to all fitness levels.  

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